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TruWhite Dental

A Premier Dental Support Organization

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TruWhite Dental enables dentists to be more attentive to patient care and allows knowledgeable business professionals to assist with the “non-clinical” administration of the practice. By spending their time more efficiently, our dentists are able...

Transition to TruWhite

Ask Yourself these questions Are you tired of doing payroll, billing, marketing, and facilities maintenance? Do you want to retire in the next few years? Are you looking for an exit strategy? Do you want...

Partnership Opportunities

There are a variety of structures that will allow all participants to have an ownership interest in and earn returns on their investment in the dental practice and its assets. Elements such as access to...


TruWhite Dental is a vanguard dental support organization focused on improving the well-being of both patients and dentists. We are a veteran owned, independent business support center that acquires and contracts dental practices across the United States. We reduce overhead, streamline processes, increase purchasing power and efficiencies that enable our doctors to freely devote more time to patient care.

TruWhite Dental is committed to and takes pride in offering the highest quality of patient care, doctor, team and practice support. We have an aggressive expansion plan that will allow us to increase our footprint across multiple regions with imminent national reach.