About Us

TruWhite Dental maximizes dental practices from a clinical perspective as well as handle the “business side” of the enterprise through professional office management. Our network is structured to provide critical business management and support including non-clinical operations.

We acquire both individual and group practices, and support the work of our dentists by managing aspects of the business like billing, IT, marketing, human resources, payroll, accounting, and purchasing. This business dynamic enables us to create a vertically integrated system focused on simply delivering the best care and experience to patients. TruWhite Dental has taken on the challenge of access to quality care head on. Our dentists focus solely on clinical excellence.

We can also decrease the financial obstacle to entering the profession itself, by offering an alternative path for young dentists already saddled with considerable education-related debt. Dentists that are new to the profession can join our network without the fiscal threat of having to buy into a group practice, or buyout an individual, retiring dentist.

Executive Leadership Team

The collective experience of our leadership is unmatched.

We bring uncommon thinking, strategies and tactics that can only come from the diversity of accomplishments in a variety of business sectors which culminates in one of the most powerful think tanks in the dental industry.

We are experts in management, operations, and team development. We have the “know-how” to centralize the deployment of processes that scale a business to maximize profits but more importantly, enhances the quality of service to its patients.