Transition to TruWhite

Ask Yourself these questions

Are you tired of doing payroll, billing, marketing, and facilities maintenance?

Do you want to retire in the next few years?

Are you looking for an exit strategy?

Do you want to cash in now while you have patient flow?

Why TruWhiteDental?

We understand your business. Our company was created by dentists and industry specialists.

You have built your practice or dental group through hard work and dedication that is reflected by your reputation, teams and patients. Our goal is to preserve your legacy and your nest egg. TruWhite Dental aligns itself with your goals to ensure that your practice is handed off seamlessly so your exit and cash out are handled with the greatest care.

You can be free to focus on patient care without the inconvenience of business management or large capital investments. You’ll enjoy higher income, large existing patient bases, growing new patient flow, a complete benefits package without sacrificing your autonomy or clinical independence. We furnish you the opportunity to focus on patient care, enjoy your career, and live your life on your terms.

Inquiring About Transitioning Your Practice